Plan your wedding in a wonderful destination to Calabria, choose the magical medieval village…

Borgo di Pentedattilo

The town takes its name from the shape of the cliff of Mount Calvary: a giant hand with five fingers (from the Greek pente (πέντε), or five and dactilo (δάκτυλο), i.e. finger). Right under this mountain the Castle was built first, and then all around the ancient village, surrounded by an extraordinary natural landscape, a popular destination for hikers and tourists from all over the world. This evocative setting is part of the Valle di Sant’Elia, where the curious sandstone fortresses of Santa Lena and Prasterà are located, surrounded by expanses of gorse, olive trees, mulberry trees and prickly pears, almond trees and mimosas: a great show in spring

Borgo di Bova

Capital of the Greek Calabria and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Bova preserves an ancient history. The origins of Bova are linked to a legendary Greek queen, Oichista, who imprinted her footprint on the highest point of the fortress overlooking the village.
The ancient origins of the city of Bova (Vua) are testified by the numerous archaeological finds found near the Norman Castle dating back to the Neolithic period, even if the first historically documented evidence of the existence of Bova dates back to the early years of the second millennium, when between 1040 and 1064 the Normans imposed themselves on the Arabs and Byzantines in the domination of Sicily and Calabria.

Borgo di Chianalea

It is the oldest village of Scilla, Chianalea. And this corner of Calabria is nicknamed the Venice of the South. Time seems to have stopped in Chianalea. For real. The fountains and the churches, the alleys and the houses, all refer to the old days. And they create an atmosphere of great beauty, watched over by the Ruffo castle. A castle built for military purposes, then transformed into a residence by Count Paolo Ruffo who – in 1532 – took over from the previous lords. Climbing up to the fortress means enjoying an extraordinary view of the Aeolian Islands and the Sicilian coast.